The Moon is actually an Alien Observatory !

The Moon is still considered as a mystery for researchers,regardless the plenty of information that so many expeditions have revealed before. The first man ever invested by NASA to head the Commission of Lunar Exploration, Dr. Jastrow,associates the Moon with “the Rosetta stone of the planets.

Everybody’s opinion that the Moon is a natural satellite,however, UFOlogists believe that it was built by a a more advanced civilization as a study base where they could document the behavior of our species.Others believe that the aliens are not interested in our society so the Moon is simply a signal if human kind ever wishes to leave the Earth and travel through space.

Robin Brett, a NASA researcher once said:

“It seems easier to explain the non existence of the Moon than its existence.”

Here are some strange facts that make us believe the Moon was actually built from scratch.


In 1969, the United States built a module and the aim of it was to study the after effects of crashing it into the Moon. The power of it is estimated to 1000 kilos of TNT.

The waves that have been caused by the crash were observed by the experts and the result was the sound of a huge bell that the Moon made which echo lasted for more than half an hour.It has been stated that the Moon also vibrated or “wobbled” in a symmetric manner, “ almost as though it had gigantic hydraulic damper struts inside it”.

Russian scientists, Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov, published an article in the Soviet journal Sputnik by the title of: “Is the Moon the Creation of Alien Intelligence?” They claimed that the Moon was a planetoid that was hollowed out eons ago by intelligent beings.

The samples from the surface of the Moon, which is the only part that could be studied, showed that it cointaned minerals and forged metal material that couldn’t have been formed by itself. Scientists that have found highly processed Uranium and radioactive metals normally used to produce Plutonium claim that this can not be achieved through a natural process. This denies our beliefs that the Moon is inactive.


It is a well known fact that the Moon doesn’t have a hard nucleus as other planets or natural satellites do and the mass is concentrated in very low deep points. Also, it is different from our planet and any other satelite by being older than 4 and a half billion years, which makes it older than our planet by almost a million years.

Its circling around the planet in a form of a perfect round orbit and no matter which point you look from, one side of the moon will always be invisible.

Its rocks are rich with large and concentrated quantities of Titanium, a very rare and expensive metal, used for the purpose of advanced technology (space shuttles or submarines).

Such strange facts as emerge every day and  modern science still hasn’t found a reasonable way  to explain them.

So, not only that these facts and the information about the moon are strange, but also people’s access to them is often denied,or kept under control.


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