Mysterious ‘Underwater Wall’ Circles Our Planet, What is Happening?

There is a mysterious video on YouTube which shows there is an enormous wall which is located underneath the oceans circling our planet. This enigmatic wall was revealed by a channel on YouTube named “Flat Earth Arabic.”

This channel says that the wall is thousands of miles underneath the ocean. Before, UFO enthusiasts, as well as conspiracy theorists, have revealed numerous inexplicable things on Google Earth.

Thanks to the Google Earth, many people’s imagination has been provoked thanks to the mysterious towers, sunken cities, pyramids, and petroglyphs. One researcher revealed a huge underwater pyramid in Mexico 12°8’1.5″N, 119°35’26.4″W.

Also, researchers say that they have found other things underneath the ocean that are apparently challenging the historical things.

The previous year, a teenager revealed one of the biggest ancient cities which were previously not known. This city belongs to the Maya, and the teenager found it with the help of Google Earth.

Moreover, researchers from around the world have been searching for Pyramids as well as other lost buildings in similar ways. Back in 2012, Angela Micol with the help of satellite photos found Pyramids bigger than those revealed on the Giza Plateau.

There are so many discoveries made by using Google Earth. In 2016, a complex of structures stretching for seventy-six miles was revealed. Moreover, on the coast of Baja California, were found enigmatic tube-like buildings about 2.4 miles wide.

Because of their strange shape and distinct lines, a lot of people think that these structures are only part of the numerous structures from the underwater area. Anyway, the new findings beat anything that has come across till now.

The wall seems like it is not a natural formation because of its size and attachment to linearity. Actually, a lot of people strongly believe that as a result of countless discoveries made around the world which are not just like we learned at school, this discovery may be real.

However, as it is said, our Earth is old millions of years, and we are now starting to reveal proves that numerous ancient civilization were living on our planet.

Is This a Wall?

When you zoom the coordinates, you can see a huge structure. But, the question is “Who could have built it?” Also, you may wonder how old the wall is, is it fake, what was its aim?

A lot of people say that this is not a real wall, and, there may be a good explanation for this mysterious reveal. This may be a Google Earth bug.

Since Google Earth utilizes distinct images while creating maps of the planet, it is possible that there are parts with is not a match, and they result in an enormous wall that circles our planet.

One of the best clarifications for this incredible finding is that we see a digital seam in the Poles’ mapping.

What is Image Stitching Error?

The procedure of making a combination of various images with overlapping fields of view in order to create a panorama or a good image is called image stitching.

This is done with the help of computer software. And, the approaches to photos usually need almost the same overlap between photos as well as equal exposures to create great results.

Nowadays, people use image stitching very often. It was used in the photos we see on Google Earth as well.

There are many things that have played a role in creating an effect of “a wall circling our planet.” This huge error may have been caused by the point of view, illumination, reference, etc.

The change of the background between two photos can be one of the possible reasons for this effect. Check out the video and tell us what you think it is. Is it a huge wall or just an error?

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