Predictions for 2018!… MUST SEE!!

In this video I go over my predictions for 2018.

10 Predictions:
1 – Rumors of advanced technology to get to planets we cannot observe. An over budget space race.

2 – Government spending to Weaponize space for interstellar warfare.

3 – Experiments will run rampant and have no cause nor reason.

4 – Weather modification will be upgraded.

5 – Rapid advancements in Military weapons. Arms race.

6 – Rapid advancements in the CERN, DARPA, and NASA programs trying to find other life forms in other dimensions and proclaim Quantum mechanics theory.

7 – Rapid space exploration Propaganda claiming they want to bring extraterrestrials to earth.

8 – Transhumanism will very slowly begin to organize itself into a necessary way of life.

9 – unimaginable New discoveries will be found on earth but everyone will be focused on the stars and the discoveries will go unnoticed.

10 – Microchip implants will very slowly begin to be implemented and administered.


Source: Arch Angel X | YouTube

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