Pyramids and Giant Humanoids, CIA Declassified Documents Show What The Agency Knows About Mars

According to this declassified Central Intelligence Agency document, the CIA had employed in 1984 a psychic “remote viewer” to examine an area of Mars as it was about one million years ago. The man performing the job was unaware that the provided coordinates were on the Red Planet, yet he described seeing pyramids, spaceships and unusually tall humanoids fighting environmental collapse.

Mars. Desolate, dusty and dry, as if the god of war had swept through its surface in archaic times, stripping it of its once-glorious landscape and depleting its resources. Humans have recently found evidence of this past, but only a handful of institutions fighting for control are selfishly entitled to this knowledge.

What they had seen on Mars made the US government and other world superpowers question the very origins of humanity, and during this battle for power and control, they used various methods and tricks to crack the Martian riddle and further utilize this forbidden knowledge to their advantage.

There’s an abundance of anomalies on Mars reminding of a once-thriving civilization similar in achievements to our own species. Since the first pictures with the dusty Martian surface were beamed back almost fifty years ago, it became known that traces of intelligent design existed there.

The Cydona region on the Red Planet has an entire complex towering above the ground. A five-sided grand pyramid, an eerie face-like structure dubbed the “face on Mars,” another formation named “the watchtower,” and other structures resembling pyramids are a few of the anomalies spotted on the surface.

Other images received across the years revealed more irregularities from the Martian surface believed to have been ancient settlements. The “Inca city” on Mars caused a massive stir inside the scientific community in the 70s, and recent evidence of a colossal establishment inside the famed Hale crater has intrigued today’s minds in search of answers.

A huge pile of evidence is pointing at an intelligent print left on our now-desolate neighbor by its former inhabitants, and there is close to no disclosure from official parties. But how would this secrecy benefit them in any way you might ask? And the answer is power and monopoly over information.

On the 8th of August, 2000, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) aimed at declassifying files, in part or in full, containing previously unreleased knowledge of public interest controlled by the US government, a curious CIA document was brought to light. Its initial purpose was that of learning more about the Red Planet using a technique called “remote viewing” – the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target, purportedly using extrasensory perception (ESP), also referred to as “sensing with mind”.

A remote viewer has the ability to give details about an object, location, person or event that is hidden from physical sight and separated by time periods.

Declassified CIA documents reveal that this practice was given much attention by various intelligent services. They used remote viewing as a tool for gathering information that would otherwise be inaccessible regarding of the means employed.

Considerable funding went into such experiments, and a conclusion was reached that remote viewing was precise enough to be used for field work. Proof of this stands this declassified CIA document dated May 9, 1984:

Although physicists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, parapsychology researchers at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) are the ones credited with enacting the term “remote viewing” to differentiate it from another related term of “clairvoyance,” it was Ingo Swann that had first made this ability known during a 1971 experiment held at the American Society for Physical Research in New York City.

Ingo Swann is mentioned in the CIA documents as the most accurate of remote viewers and is no wonder that the CIA had employed him for various tasks that would otherwise be impossible to attain.

In his 1998 book entitled Penetration, Swann offers extended details about the tasks performed for the Agency.

In 1975, Swann was tasked by a CIA officer named Axelrod/Axel, to snoop on secret Moon bases run by several extraterrestrial civilizations using his ability. These particular finds are openly discussed in the 5th chapter of his book.

The results were satisfying for the CIA, who further employed other remote viewers to learn more about off-planet locations. Given the bewildering imagery received from the Viking Orbiter in 1976 with the surface of Mars, their focus immediately went in that direction.

The initial procedure is detailed on the second page of the CIA document dated May 22, 1984.

The body of the CIA document (page 3 to 9) is a transcription of the responses offered by the remote viewer (referred to as SUB) to the inquirer (referred to as MON).

SUB was unaware of the locations of the provided coordinates, yet his answers were extremely relevant as you’re about to see. First indicated region (40,89 degrees north/9,55 degrees west) was of Cydonia, the spot where numerous structures resembling earthly constructs and monuments were identified. Here are SUB’s first impressions upon remote viewing the site.

Further on, the remote viewer is sent about a million years into the past, and is asked to provide details of the Martian population inhabiting the region, if there was any. He then sees very tall and thin humanoids dressed in silk garbs.

They were all sheltering from the devastating storm outside, and were looking for ways to escape the ruthless events that were sweeping everything on Mars’ surface.

In order to assure the survival of their species, the Martians have considered migrating elsewhere in the Solar System (over 1 million years ago). Some of them were lucky enough to do so, while others were still awaiting their brethren to bring salvation.

The remote viewer then reaches what appears to be a spacecraft that had carried some of the Martians away in remote times.

Their journey takes them to a planet with intense geological activity on the surface, where different species of plants grow, unlike Mars where vegetation was missing.

Could this new place be regarded as Earth? Did escaping Martians transit through space to reach the closest neighbor planet in order to escape the ruthless calamities that were draining the atmosphere and resources of Mars? Are the pyramids and other ruins on Mars, leftovers of this ancient species of gigantic humanoids? Let’s explore the possibilities and find out.

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