Ringmakers of Saturn: Gigantic Alien Spacecraft Hiding in Saturn’s Rings

If you grew up invested in televisions shows like the X-Files, there’s a good chance you believe in the existence of various undiscovered lifeforms that stretch beyond the confines of the human race. In laymen’s terms, you more than likely believe in aliens.

While such unorthodox beliefs may be considered rather foolish by some and invoke riotous laughter from others, you may not be alone in your otherworldly thoughts, and you very well may be right.

Dr. Norman Bergrun may not be a household name, but his resume and credibility should not be understated. Bergrun was formerly an employee of NASA and has been lauded as a “top scientist” at the organization by mainstream media and those in the know. The former NASA mainstay sent shockwaves through the news world when he sent out a tweet from his personal Twitter account in June of 2014 claiming that gigantic alien spacecrafts are hiding in plain sight right under our noses. A moderately terrifying and unsettling reality? Without question. Fascinating? You better believe it.

Doubling down on his beliefs, Bergrun didn’t stop there, going as far as to claim that Saturn isn’t the only ringed planet playing host to these massive spacecrafts. The former NASA scientist named Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune as three other planets not only home to those picturesque rings, but these so called gargantuan alien vehicles lurking just out of sight.

Bergrun, a self-proclaimed UFO hunter, has made some claims insinuating that these spacecrafts are using the rings of Saturn and its fellow planets as an energy source to multiply in size and numbers, a bold statement if there’s ever been one. Skepticism aside, this is hardly a new argument from Bergrun. The esteemed 96-year old author made similar claims in his book Ringmakers of Saturn as far back as 1986 when the work was published. At the very least, Bergrun deserves some level of applause and admiration for sticking to his guns.

Despite his impressive resume, some media and outspoken nonbelievers have refuted and challenged Bergrun’s work, claiming his thoughts and the basis of his argument were drawn from videos posted by a historically unreliable and shady YouTube channel by the name of SecureTeam 10. It’s difficult to say if Bergrun was indeed influenced by external sources such as those, but if true, the authenticity of Bergrun’s claims will rightfully be brought into question.

It does the beg the question though, if what Bergrun is saying is, in fact, true, would there not be some level of pushback from the United States government? Would those in office not immediately make a dedicated effort to silence a highly educated individual in a position of authority? Alternatively, would the government have decided that with no hard evidence to show the media or the general public that Bergrun’s claims be looked down upon as little but the rumblings of a crazed lunatic? Whatever the case may be, Bergrun has pushed his message to the masses, and it will be an interesting story to keep an eye on as things unfold.

Who knows what may be lurking in the shadows, or in this case, the rings? The truth is out there somewhere, let’s hope we find it.

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