Blind Item: West Coast Diva

Lisa Vanderpump/ Bravo NBC
Lisa Vanderpump/ Bravo NBC


“This West Coast Real Housewife is a total diva behind the scenes. She is not an Original and she’s really not that interesting. She’s become very filtered and very censored. Yet despite all this, she is treated by production and the network like the star of the show and has an incredible amount of pull and say in a lot of different parts of it. Last year she pulled an entire scene out because it made her look bad and she is very protective of her image after looking not too good in the past. Some of the other housewives, including an original; have noticed Yet they seem to either be ok with it, not care, or not want to be the one to say it.”

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Exclusive: #RHOD Cary Deuber Interview

Cary Deuber/ Bravo NBC
Cary Deuber/ Bravo NBC

Described by Bravo as a yogi(practitioner of Yoga) with a Type A personality, Cary Deuber is sure to be the balancing act of The Real Housewives of Dallas. The Wife and working mommy is one of the five main housewives of the show. After my lovely convo with Official ‘Friend of the Housewives‘ Marie Reyes, I decided to chat with Cary and get some more info on the latest Housewives Installment(Which premieres Aprill 11 at 10)!

How did you end up on this show(The Real Housewives of Dallas)?
A casting company contacted me through a friend, and the rest is history!

Was there any hesitation in doing the show?
I was nervous about putting everything out there. My husband Mark was much more relaxed about it. I was shocked at how open he was to this adventure.

Stephanie Hollman and Cary Deuber/ Instagram
Stephanie Hollman and Cary Deuber/ Instagram

What, if any; was your connection to this group of ladies prior to the
I knew Stephanie through a charity event that I chaired. She was such a sweetie and reached out to me after the event. She told me what a great job I did and how much she enjoyed the event. No one does that!! It was SO thoughtful. I also knew LeeAnne through the charity world, although we did not run in the same crowd. I met Brandi through Stephanie and loved her immediately. Anyone who can make me laugh like that girl can, is a friend for life!

What was the VERY first scene you filmed and what was running through your
head as the cameras were rolling?                                   
UGH… It was a scene at my house with Mark and our daughter Zuri. I remember after it was over and everyone left, I went to my bedroom and had completely lost it. I was so scared I made a bad decision for my family.

Cary with husband Dr. Mark Deuber/ Instagram
Cary with husband Dr. Mark Deuber/ Instagram

Did you feel any pressure to look your best for the cameras?                                          I usually roll out of bed and hit the ground running. I wear scrubs to work and a hat during surgery. There is really no point doing my hair and makeup on work days! I definitely had to step up my game and at least shower! Mark is the shopper and always finds some reason to buy something. This was an excuse for him for sure.

Your Bravo Profile mentions some of the many charities you work with, if you were asked to join Celebrity Apprentice what charity or foundation would you play for?
I would play for the Doris Daniely Outreach. It is a small local charity that my husband and I work with that provides breast reconstruction surgery to women that can’t afford it. That would give them the opportunity to cover the costs for more surgeries and Mark and I could do some of them as well.

If you could join the cast of any of the other shows in the Real Housewives
Franchise, which would it be and Why?                              
RHOBH I love the weather and the real estate!

If you could be another Housewife for a day, who would itbe? Why?                    LVP! Primarily because I want to play with all of her pets!

If you could, What destination would you pick for the cast trip next season?
Travel is my thing!! LOVE it! I’m in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I would love to check out the Philippines. There is a sick Aman resort there, I love Aman anything! I could also go for skiing in St Moritz, Switzerland. Mark and I go there every year in the summer. I would love to go in the winter and ski!

You currently work with your plastic surgeon husband, Dr. Mark Deuber; serving as his operative assistant, while still maintaining your own
aesthetic injectable practice: what’s it like to work with your spouse and what
effect does that have on your relationship? Also, how were you able to balance
doing all of that on top of being a mother and doing the show?
It was challenging. I already juggle a lot and I am completely type A. I don’t do anything half ass. It is all or nothing with me. I’m lucky that I’m married to my boss so he tends to be more forgiving with my schedule!


Let’s play a little game of Word Association, give us a few words to describe these ladies…
Brandi Redmond: Funny as hell
Stephanie Hollman: Loyal & kind
Tiffany Hendra: Exotic beauty
Nene Leakes: Made it happen
Ramona Singer: Wine
Vicki Gunvalson: Staying power
Marie Reyes: Good friend
LeeAnne Locken: In your face

Is there anything in particular that you’re MOST looking forward to having the
Viewers see on the show?            
I think I am excited for the viewers to see that I am a working mom. I juggle my daughter, my step kids, husband, career, and taking care of myself with my yoga. The struggle is real, and I think a lot of women will be able to relate to many aspects of my life if not all of them.


Is there anything in particular that you’re LEAST looking forward to having the viewers see on the show?                    That’s a hard question because I haven’t seen any of the show so I have no idea what is included. I would have to say the arguments between cast mates. It got a little ugly at times.

If asked to do another season of the show, would you do it?             I think so… I think a second season would be more fun and I would know what to expect.

Cary Deuber/ Instagram
Cary Deuber/ Instagram

That’s a wrap! I loved chatting with Cary about the show, her life, career. I truly think Cary is a sweetheart and, with her East Coast background; I’m sure she’ll be a standout next to the southern ladies on RHOD. Be sure to follow the Connecticut beauty on Twitter and Instagram(@CaryDeuber on both) for live tweets, updates and behind the scenes fun and, of course; tune into the Premiere of The Real Housewives of Dallas on April 11!

Kim Fields, Leaving RHOA

Kim Fields/ Bravo TV
Kim Fields/ Bravo TV

“Get in and get out!” those are the facts of Kim Fields Real Housewife life. The actress confirmed while calling into The Rickey Smiley Morning Show that she would NOT be returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta next season.
Many were surprised last summer when reports came out that the former child star would be Joining the hit Bravo show. Some voiced that they thought it would be a step down for the actress, while others thought she’d be perfect for the show.
General consensus, as the show has aired; has been that her addition the the cast has been lackluster and that Kim would be a one season wonder(or lack thereof). Kim at many times acknowledged that she wasn’t really fitting in, and was even called out by Kenya during the cast trip to Jamaica on being a “snooze fest”.

Kim Fields and Nene Leakes/ Instagram
Kim Fields and Nene Leakes/ Instagram

That said: it seems, from what we’ve seen on the reunion so far; that Kim really delivered and brought it. I myself wondered if she was possibly trying to make sure she earned another season as I know the show can pay well(reports speculated that the reason behind Kim joining to begin with was financial difficulties) and money talks. However, I believe she’s known she was gonna leave after this season and was maybe just making sure viewers memory of her time on the show was different from the “snooze fest” title she has been given. Your Housewife legacy is EVERYTHING! You have to make sure you leave viewers wanting more of you JUST INCASE you even need to make a return.

Kim Fields/ Dancing With The Stars ABC
Kim Fields/ Dancing With The Stars ABC

You can currently see Kim participating on Dancing With the Stars on ABC or follow her on social media to keep up with her other ventures.



Exclusive: #RHOD Marie Reyes Interview


Marie Reyes/ Bravo NBC
Marie Reyes/ Bravo NBC

Andy Cohen shocked Bravo viewers back in 2015 when he announced not one, but TWO new Housewives shows that’s would be premiering in 2016. Potomac, which premiered in January; was an instant ratings hit. Up next… DALLAS! I recent had the pleasure of catching up with Offcial ‘friend of the housewives’ Marie Reyes and get her to spill about the upcoming show, which premieres Monday, April 11.

Why Dallas? Why do you think it is the perfect new location for Housewives?
We have southern charm with flare – I always say Dallas is more LA than LA!
It’s also such a friendly place. Recently a gay couple relocated from England and came in for Botox. They commented how in this last year in Dallas they have made more close friends than in the previous 10 years spent in their area of London.
There is no shortage of great food! I’m pretty sure we have more restaurants than people – don’t quote me on that…but we do.
We are also home to professional teams of every sport – not many cities can say that.
It is a great business city, too! Perhaps the reason Toyota, Frito Lay, JC Penny, Dr Pepper, Southwest Airlines, Kimberly Clark, TI, American Airlines, Exxon, Galderma Pharmaceuticals, and Mary Kay are all based here.
Not to mention the cost of living is very affordable which almost makes up for the terrible summer heat, lol!

What, if any; was your connection to this group of ladies prior to the show? 

This will play out gradually over the season, but it would be silly to not say LeeAnne and I have known each other for a long time(19 years) – we met at a modeling job. Tiffany I have known through LeeAnne, and I thought it would be fun to do a project together no matter what my role. I wanted to support my friends and share the experience.
Did you feel any pressure to look your best for the cameras?
On camera, or in life? lol!
There is always pressure to look my best – but let’s be real, this is Dallas and we wear makeup to get coffee in the morning. I didn’t feel much more pressure than normal. I will admit, though, I tried to always keep in mind what I was wearing hoping it would translate over to film.

Marie Reyes and Brandi Redmond/ Instagram
Marie Reyes and Brandi Redmond/ Instagram

Seeing as you came in knowing some of your cast members, Did any of them surprise you once the cameras started rolling?
Everyone surprised me at one point or another; however, I felt like everyone stayed pretty true to who/what I thought they were as a first impression.
It bears mentioning, Brandi used physical humor unlike anyone I have ever known! She is so uncensored and

Angel and Marie Reyes/ Instagram
Angel and Marie Reyes/ Instagram

What was running through your head during the VERY FIRST scene you filmed and what was it like having the cameras there?
I remember feeling surreal and almost like a dream.
My first scenes were of my husband and my daughter – it was just normal life. It was hard to comprehend the scope of the project or what was really going to happen. It became real when Andy Cohen announced a new Dallas show about 3 weeks into filming. The cameras were everywhere but as the season went on I noticed them less and less.
Your Bravo Profile mentions some of the many charities you work with, if you were asked to join Celebrity Apprentice what charity or foundation would you play for?
Great question! Wow, I guess when it comes to the competition shows I imagined I would be best suited for Dancing with the Stars! Not sure how they would find me a partner that is tall enough, lol! I would have to say American Cancer Society.

If you could join the cast of any of the other locations in the Real Housewives Franchise, which would it be? Why?
Beverly Hills, for sure! We love California and spend a considerable amount of time in the LA area. The ladies on that show really know how to bring it while staying classy. I love that about them.

If you could, What destination would you pick for the cast trip next season?
Uruguay. Specifically, Jose Ignacio near Punta del Este. It is so magical, beautiful, and unspoiled by commercialism. It’s both rich in natural beauty and luxury.

Stephanie Hollman, Marie Reyes, Cary Deuber/ Instagram

Let’s play a little game of Word Association, give us a few words to describe these ladies:
Brandi Redmond: Fun, Playful
Stephanie Hollman: Authentic, supportive
Cary Deuber: Type A, witty
Tiffany Hendra: Creative, driven
LeeAnne Locken: Intense, uncensored

Who would you say you came in to the show closest too?
Certainly LeeAnne. We have lived less than a mile from each other for roughly 14 years and been friends for 19. Tiffany, too. I have known her through LeeAnne for about 15 years but only saw her sporadically when she flew in for visits from LA.

Who would you say you left the show closet with?
The miracle of the process I guess is that I became very close to Cary, Stephanie and Brandi.

What have you been up to since filming wrapped up and the show was announced?
There really wasn’t time for rest. I had been working on a new skincare line called RAGS2Riches even months before we began filming. Because I am obsessed with skincare and the science behind topical ingredients and penetration, I have been very hands on with the formulations.
Let’s just say I went a little cray on this project but I am SO incredibly excited about the release. Basically, I can’t accommodate the whole world at SkinSpaMED, but I can help aging skin on a cellular level with the RAGS2Riches product line. I’m a fan of keeping it simple. RAGS stands for retinol, antioxidants, growth factors, and sun protection. If you just use these four products each day you are covering 95% of what you really need for radiantly youthful and beautiful skin. We plan to add a few more products in the near future, you know, when I have the time.

If asked, would you do another season of the show?
Absolutely, yes. I wouldn’t want the story to go on without me being a part of it. In future seasons, I see myself taking a bigger role and opening up more and more with my personal and professional life. Life is a journey, and I’m here for the long run. I have longevity genes on both sides – my grandmother is 102 (103 in May), and I just don’t want to look back when I’m 102 and ever wonder “what if”. I strive tonever lose the courage to always take the road less travelled.


There You Have It! I loved chatting with Marie about premiere season of the upcoming Bravo show(which, again; begins airing April 11th) and think it will be a huge success! Be sure to Follow Marie on Twitter(@TheMarieReyes) and Instagram(@TheMarieReyes) as we think this southern beauty will be a fan favorite and has a great chance of being given a full time role for season 2.

Exclusive: Season 11 Drama in the OC

Drama in the OC? That’s not a first…

The blogs are buzzing over a rumored recent showdown between the OG of the OC, Vicki Gunvalson; and David Beador! We spoke to an insider close to the situation who gave us the following exclusive information:
“Recently, much of the cast attended a 70’s themed party where there was an epic showdown between Vicki and David. The situation is worse than what is being described on the Internet, David really went after her and everyone who witnessed it was in shock over the entire situation.”

Shannon Beador/ Instagram
Shannon Beador/ Instagram

Our source continued to say the argument involved more than just Vicki and David(it’s safe to assume Shannon was involved in the showdown with David), and dominated the event.

“They(Shannon and David) know their relevance on the show is hanging by a thread now that the affair is old news and are choosing to create serious drama to keep the spotlight on them. They are currently feuding with other cast members.”

Kelly Meza-Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson/ Instagram

And while many blogs are reporting that Vicki is considering contacting Brooks for support against the Beadors, our source seems to say otherwise:

“Any speculation that Vicki is even considering reaching out to Brooks is a flat out LIE. For starters, she doesn’t really to talk to him. But more importantly, Vicki can hold her own against them. She also has the support of the other members of the cast that are not on good terms with the Beaodrs, and several former wives that will be appearing throughout season 11.”

Kelly Meza-Dodd and Meghan King Edmonds/ Instagram

Looks like Next season of the Hit Bravo show will NOT disappoint. The cast, currently including Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, Shannon Beador, Meghan King Edmonds, and newbie Kelly Meza-Dodd; has been filming for several weeks now and have been posting pics together on social media. It’s safe to say: Brooks may be gone, but the drama isn’t…

Exclusive: Catching up with Lizzie Rovsek

Lizzie Rovsek/ Instagram
Lizzie Rovsek/ Instagram

Despite only being on The Real Housewives of Orange County for just one season, Lizzie Rovsek was able to win viewers over with her charming life and ‘no nonsense’ attitude. From her epic showdown in Bali with Tamra Judge, to supporting cornered castmember Vicki Gunvalson; Lizzie had no problem leaving her mark on the show and standing out with her opinions. Because of all of this and much more, many viewers want the swimwear designer back on the show full time after she was demoted to “friend of ” last season. I was able to catch up with the mommy of two and see what she’s been up too since we last saw her on our Bravo screens…

What have you been up to since the viewers saw you last season?

I have been super busy with Sun Kitten and my family. As many of you know, I did the swimwear for Miss USA, which was an incredible experience despite the show being pulled from NBC. I was in Baton Rouge doing fittings with contestants when it was announced that the show would no longer air on NBC due to Donald Trump’s negative remarks. I watched as one by one the hosts and sponsors dropped out. I spent a lot of time with the contestants and I felt it so unfair for all the hopefuls that were following their dreams. Why should they have to suffer? So, I made a decision to stay for the girls. Like, what….I’m going to leave with my bikinis and Miss USA isn’t going to have a swimsuit competition? The girls had been let down enough. The show aired on Reelz TV and the lovely Olivia Jordan took home the crown. I competed in Miss USA and Miss Teen USA and it has always been a dream of mine to design the swimwear for Miss USA. I guess I can check that off my bucket list.

My boys have been growing up and they surprise me everyday with the things they say and do. I love being a mom to boys and yes, I still hope for a third baby.

I just did a collaboration with Gretchen Rossi. I designed a small collection of swimwear inspired by Gretchen, Gretchen Christine for Sun Kitten Swimwear. We just debuted the line at Scottsdale Fashion week and we had a great time! I am currently designing 2017 and have an appointment next month in Philadelphia with QVC!

How were you first approached to do the show?

I literally got a phone call out of the blue from the show’s creator Scott Dunlap. He had heard about me from someone at my sports club. I was impressed at how much he already knew about me and asked if I would Skype with casting. I did the interview and then didn’t give much thought to it. I left on a trip to St. Barths and when I was returning home and going through customs in Miami I got a phone call from a producer from the show. They wanted cameras in my home within the next few days and the show wanted me! I took a leap and signed the contract. God put this opportunity in front of me so I accepted.

What was the very first scene you filmed for the show? What were you thinking?

The first scene I shot was at home in my kitchen with Christian and the kids. I’m pretty sure it was the ‘throw me over the kitchen counter’ scene. We didn’t even have the lighting set up in the house yet. I think I embarrassed Christian, but I meant what I said. Christian was so nervous filming at first and the kids took a while to warm up to the crews and cameras. Eventually we all got used to it and now my boys just love the producers and camera guys. Christian always got in trouble because he would always talk directly to the camera guys, even ask them if they wanted to take shots with him when we would film big group parties.

The first group scene I ever filmed was at Danielle’s house. Remember where I fall on my butt!! I was thinking, omg! Lizzie you never fall!! Now you fall with cameras everywhere. What an entrance!

Lizzie Rovsek & Gretchen Rossi/ Instagram
Lizzie Rovsek & Gretchen Rossi/ Instagram

Off camera, you and former Housewife Gretchen Rossi became quite close. How did you guys meet and how was this friendship between the two of you sparked?

I met Gretchen and Slade at a Life & Style party in Los Angeles. They were both super friendly. Gretchen and I hit it off right off the bat. She has a very warm and genuine demeanor. I had just gotten back from Bali and was very shook up from the season. As you can guess, she had a lot of great advice and soon became one of my closest confidants outside of the show. I left season 9 reunion in tears after Tamra told me I was going to “burn in hell” and had spoken negatively about my child and marriage. I grabbed a bottle of pinot grigio and jumped in the back of my car and talked to Gretchen the entire drive back to Orange County. That reunion was hard for me; they didn’t invite my friend Danielle to the reunion or my husband who were witnesses to the season. I basically sat their alone being called a liar and getting personal attacks on my children and marriage. I’m so glad I didn’t stoop to the level of saying a word about anyone’s children. In my opinion children are off limits. However, I do regret not telling Tamra more of what I thought about her. I was backed into a corner and felt inferior. It was really unfair. I will say that Vicki and Shannon were awesome at that reunion. They totally had my back and even Heather came over to sit with me after some really low blows came out of Tamra’s mouth. I honestly just felt very sad for Tamra. She was a woman that must have been in an absolute horrible place in her life. I really and truly prayed for her.

During your time on the show, we saw a lot of your relationships with the other ladies change. You fell out with People you got close to right off the bat, and got close to People who initially you weren’t connecting with. Who, from your time on the show; would you say you’re currently closest to? And why?

When I started the show in season 9 I felt closest to Heather and Tamra and Danielle. I soon found out that Tamra was doing things behind the scenes to instigate drama. She would say one thing to my face and insult the same things behind my back. For the RECORD, I could care less if Tamra or anyone else didn’t want to go to my birthday party. What happened was she waited until I was in the limo to cancel. She knew her daughter was sick at 7am. Then I heard from Vicki that Tamra told her not to go also. She told her to tell producers that she was sick too (she told them to tell them she had yeast infection…classy right?!) There was apparently a group text going around with Tamra trying to get people to cancel on my party. Pretty mean, right? Anyway, Vicki didn’t cancel. She came, which said a lot to me. I know she didn’t want to go alone with me. She hardly knew me at this point and we did not get off to a good start. The next day Danielle tells me that Tamra was making fun of my dress and me. Which was a beautiful dress, just hiked up a little high from sitting for hours in the limo. There were other incidences too, it’s just too much to rehash and I don’t even care anymore. Regardless of what happened with Tamra, I remained good friends with Heather and grew closer to Shannon because we bonded over how Tamra had hurt us. When I showed up at reunion, I felt like shit. I had no one. Had no idea how it was going to go down. I adore Heather, but I know at the end of the day she will always stand behind Tamra. I got a text from Vicki right before we walked out onto the set and she said, ‘Let’s go out there and tell the truth. I got your back.’ At that moment I had a whole new respect for Vicki and she was my friend from that day forward. So, in season 10 when Brooks’ health became the main drama of the season, I wouldn’t play into it. If Brooks lied about cancer, shame on him!! But he will have to deal with that karma in his life. What I know is that Vicki was soooo in love with that man and would have done anything to defend him. Haven’t you ever seen good girls get messed up with bad boys and do things that they shouldn’t? It doesn’tmake the girl bad; it makes her blinded by love. More than anything I think that what Vicki needed from the women was love. She needed support. She was lost and needed friends. I did not see Vicki go out of her way to hurt the women on the show. Did she get feisty at times, well yes, but that’s what we are hired to do! When you are being attacked you defend yourself. Remember Bali? I had to defend myself from a false accusation and when Tamra insulted my friends and me; yea I got feisty. That’s what happens. The show is not about our husbands or boyfriends. I honestly couldn’t even get involved in the whole fake cancer debacle. There was no drama all season and they found this one thing to latch on to and it became a take down. Vicki really suffered and she also had to get over a break up (which is the worse pain ever, even if it’s not the right person for you.)

What really hurt me more than anything in season 10 is how Shannon completely dropped me as a friend. Isn’t Shannon the self-proclaimed, “truth” guru? I wrote a blog explaining my truth. The entire blog was pro Shannon. I defended Shannon all season on the show and off. I reread the blog numerous times to see if I said anything bad, I didn’t!!! I got a crazy text message from Shannon at like midnight going off on me. Literally taking me to town. She even added that everyone talks horribly of me and she must be a moron to defend me? I thought Heather, Vicki and Meghan were my friends, hell even Tamra and I were on good terms. I did nothing all season for any of them to talk badly of me. What was she talking about? Did she make that up? Meghan and I had our differences but that doesn’t mean we aren’t friends. But this incident with Shannon happened off camera. It happened months after filming had stopped. She basically ended our friendship ruthlessly over a text message. I told her I loved her and she should read the blog again, I never ever said anything to hurt her. What I did was tell my side of the story. (She called me a liar and then later admitted to Meghan that she did confide in me and I was telling the truth.) She said she was “done!” with me. I couldn’t figure out if this was for real or if someone was in her head. Did she not need me anymore since I wasn’t a main housewife? I couldn’t figure it out. To this day she has not spoken a word to me, nor a text. Nothing bad even happened and she just cut me off like that. For what?! I still want to know, for what? I have seen other people around her treat her far worse and she forgives and forgets. I will never ever forget how she made me feel that night and I will never ever look at Shannon the same again.

I talk to Meghan regularly. Meghan is a very sweet girl and has become a very good friend to me. Heather is also a good friend and I adore her. When I finished filming Tamra and I were on good terms. I keep hearing some ‘not so nice’ things that she has said about be since filming to people I know and in the media. So I’m a little confused about that because I thought we were good and had moved on. Oh well!

Lets talk a little bit about Season 10 for you, how did you end up being a “Friend Of” last year?

I was hired for season 10 as a main housewife. I filmed for over half the season as a main housewife. We filmed so many adorable moments with my boys. They finally lovedthe cameras and were really being themselves. 2015 was an amazing year for me! I just signed on to design the swimwear for Miss USA, Sun Kitten Swimwear was featured on Charlotte McKinney the number one viewed commercial in history for Carl’s Jr all natural burger during Super Bowl, I even made sports illustrated swimsuit edition. However, I don’t think it was in the cards for me to have a ‘good’ year on housewives. Perhaps it was my year to go down. I just had a whole lot of positive exciting things happening in my life. Tamra and I were getting along which I was very glad about. Things in life were really good for me. Miss USA and some affiliates of the Miss Universe Organization flew out here from NYC to film with me. It was really exciting stuff.

A couple of things happened that led to the deterioration of my role. First, I fell and broke my rib, which was so painful I couldn’t do anything for a while. I missed the Bunco party at Shannon’s when Vicki found out her mother passed. The few times I filmed after that I was injured and couldn’t participate in racing cars and had been on pain meds and truly not myself. I thought I was pregnant and I was told to wait and announce that I thought I might be pregnant on our trip. After I found out that I wasn’t pregnant on the trip to Tahiti I was demoted. I got demoted the week we returned home. I wasn’t pregnant and I didn’t have any negative drama. I had a great year in life, but not juicy enough for Housewives. I am big on prayer and ask God daily to protect me and give me signs and hold my family in his hands. I am 100% certain that God put those downfalls on me on purpose. Everything happens for a reason.

Sun Kitten Swimwear/ Instagram
Sun Kitten Swimwear/ Instagram

Word Association Game:
Vicki Gunvalson— fun, crazy, big heart
Heather Dubrow—over the top, thoughtful
Meghan K Edmonds—ballsy, serious, to the point
Gretchen Rossi—genuine, beautiful, sweet
Bethenny Frankel—smart ass
Lisa Vanderpump- queen

Would You ever do the show again?

I never say never… However, I don’t think people really got a chance to really meet me and see who I truly am. I really am about uplifting and promoting other women, not tearing them down and I think that may have been my biggest downfall on the show. I can hold my own, I have opinions and I can certainly take someone to town if I have to, but you have to really piss me off first. I have a wild and carefree gypsy spirit that was never really shown on the show. I have a good life. I’m happy and focusing on Sun Kitten and my family and hope to have another baby sometime in the next year. No regrets.

And there’s that! Lizzie is someone I ABSOLUTELY LOVE so when I thought about who I wanted to do my first exclusive, of course I thought of her! She’s currently participating in the OC Trunk Show benefiting MS, which takes place Thursday, March 10. To find out more about that and get tickets, go to I have a lot of other fun interviews coming up so stay tuned for those!

Lizzie Rovsek/ Getty Images
Lizzie Rovsek/ Getty Images

Lizzie Rovsek:


Twitter: @LizzieRovsek

Instagram: @LizzieRovsek

Snapchat: lizzierovsek