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A childhood spent in Washington, Idaho, Michigan and Minnesota exposed Kristina from an early age to a diverse series of landscapes - lakes, mountains, forests, prairies - each with distinct lessons in form and color. Whether skiing, skating, exploring or just admiring the delicate intricacies in the canopies of her favorite trees, Kristina spent much of her childhood savoring the peacefulness and solitude of wide open spaces.

Not that life inside was anything short of inviting. Her mother’s Norwegian instinct for natural light and earthy colors transformed each successive house into a warm, comfortable home, while her grandmother’s passions for gardening and modern Scandinavian design created an easy and inviting home away from home. From these stylish women, Kristina learned about the emotive qualities of design; that elegance, quality and ease are complementary elements in truly good design.

Later, Kristina honed her aesthetic in the cities of San Francisco, New York and, now, Los Angeles. Here in Southern California she finds inspiration in the collision of the wild and the refined, always drawn to nature’s own textural compositions and the “knotty, twisted petal” that others might overlook.

What are three things you love? my family, morning hugs and outdoor dining

What are three things that you hate? junk mail, tasteless fruit and weeds

What is your favorite color? yellow

What inspires you? usually a favorite memory

Who is your hero? my mother

Would you describe your favorite place? My house. It’s a small bungalow in the hills of silver lake in los angeles. It has picture windows in the living room where you can watch the sunset every night.

My guilty pleasure is...playing in our garden all day long and blowing off errands

When I grew up I wanted to be...a cowgirl

My favorite way to travel motorcycle

To unwind I like to...make frozen pizza and then use the extra time to enjoy more time with my son.

Your Favorite city? Homer, Alaska

If you could compare yourself to any animal, what would it be? And why?

A horse. Because they are strong yet very sensitive at the same time.