Amenity Home offers a wide
array of eco-friendly products
for thoughtful modern living.
At Amenity Home, we are dedicated
to the never-ending process
of maintaining Amenity's harmony
with the environment.

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With nature herself as our bountiful muse, Amenity is delighted to be in a position to return the favor. We take a thoughtful and minimal approach to our production, leaving the lightest possible footprint. Designed to bring you continuous comfort with timeless beauty and elegant functionality, each piece is made with high quality, organic or sustainable fibers that are healthier for the environments they’re grown in and the homes they become a part of.

As the movement towards sensitive living flourishes, Amenity is already exploring the new developments on the horizon. By adapting new methods and materials, while keeping our roots in integrity and quality, we will continue to bring you timeless options for beautiful sustainable living.