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about Amenity
founded in 2004

Amenity Home believes there is only one way to create beautiful, well-designed objects for the home — in complete harmony with nature. Whether sourcing certified organic fabrics, developing eco-friendly dyes or helping artisans around the world earn a living wage, Amenity is inspired by the purity, simplicity and beauty of nature in every decision it makes. The end result has always been products with a beautiful soul and a timeless beauty.

Nicole Chiala and Kristina de Corpo started Amenity in 2004 to bring some of the peaceful tranquility of their youth into their urban, adult homes. Their debut collection of duvet covers featuring large-scale silhouettes hand-drawn by Kristina soon became their signature look. Accurately depicting twisted-leaves and knotted-petals rather than perfecting them into a rigid pattern, gave the prints a unique, soulful authenticity. Utilizing textural linens featuring a rich palette of warm earth tones, Kristina and Nicole soon expanded the Amenity look into pillows and wall prints.

In 2006, Amenity realized its longtime goal of offering their designs exclusively on organic or sustainable materials. As the Amenity product line continued to grow, so did the Amenity family. Kristina and Nicole both experienced motherhood for the first time and a Nursery collection made with only the purest, organic fabrics and dyes was introduced.

Amenity launched the Muir bedroom collection in 2008 which was designed by Nicole and made locally from reclaimed vintage Douglas Fir. The Muir collection confirmed Kristina and Nicole’s belief that their pure, simple aesthetic could be adapted to furniture in an equally-sustainable way.

This year Amenity is excited to introduce several new products artfully handcrafted by artisans in South America. It is with Amenity’s support that these artisans are able to earn a sustainable income and find a market for their ancient crafts and techniques.

Well aware that there are many answers to sustainability, Nicole and Kristina are dedicated to the never-ending process of maintaining Amenity's harmony with the environment. They will continue to search out new ways to bring nature's calming warmth and beauty to the sustainable lifestyle, as well as seeking out artisans around the globe to merge their rich traditions, culture and craft with Amenity’s thoughtful way of life.

Let’s make something beautiful together.