Are you…

* hugely into film?
*someone who loves to write and blog?
*into in-depth film discussion?
*knowledgeable about film making or film analysis?
*someone who’s always wanted to be a film or TV critic?
* a film student who needs practice writing?
*a scholar or student of a different academic discipline who likes to write about film and combine it with the knowledge from your field?

If you can answer yes two or more of these, you may want to consider joining our team!

What distinguishes The Movie Scrutineer from other movie sites is that we don’t generally bother with industry news, speculation or celebrity gossip – instead, we focus on the content of movies. That means we aim to publish discussion of the art of filmmaking, theme, political, social or cultural issues raised in film, general representations of culture, et cetera.


source: Buena Vista Pictures

We prefer personal pieces – well-written, insightful reviews and features in which the writer is free to present their unique opinion. We care about the essence of film, and prefer longer, in-depth, content-driven articles that focus on film-analysis instead of easy, meaningless traffic-bait.

Please send your application to Include at least one example of your work (.doc, .docx or .pdf formats only) that is between 700 and 2000 words. Also, please pitch 2-3 article titles of articles that you could and want to write for The Movie Scrutineer. Finally, please let us know what film genres you prefer, which directors are your favorites and what kind of experience you have in (film) writing, if any!

For more details, check this page!

We’re really looking forward to hear from you!

About The Author

Editor in Chief & Criminologist

Manon is the founder of The Movie Scrutineer and a geeky 24-year-old Dutchie living in Perth, Australia. She's a Global Criminology MA specialized in film analysis, focusing on culture and crime representations in film. She loves criminology, writing and film and has been very lucky to be able to combine the three!