"I’ve always believed in helping those in need—that’s why I’ve traveled the world providing humanitarian support and relief. But today, right here in our own community, hard-working people and middle-class families are struggling just to make ends meet. We need a change!
I am running for U.S. Congressional District 8 in Illinois because human rights are being overlooked and often violated at an alarming rate. Many critical voices are left unheard and the needs of our constituents are not being met. 
I'm proud to be: 
  • ​A progressive Democrat
  • A Doctor of Anesthesiology for over 20 years
  • A community leader in District 8
  • A national and international humanitarian
  • A loving husband and father​
  • Board Member of MedGlobal
Over the last year I have personally witnessed too many avoidable atrocities in our district from joblessness, homelessness and our seniors being asked to take on burdens that they just shouldn't have to any more. Our youth don't have adequate access to affordable and high quality education and people in the community are not feeling heard by our current Congressman. STAND UP WITH ME TODAY, and let's work together to create the much needed change in District 8.
Jobs & Higher Wages

Better jobs come when we can invest in infrastructure such as enhancing our roads, railways, and other transportation related infrastructure in our cities and communities. If elected, one of my first initiatives will be to work with Congress to create more budgetary spending in infrastructure enhancements. Next, better jobs come with the recruitment of companies, businesses and corporations that want to locate their businesses in our communities. Better infrastructure usually entices and provides incentive for businesses to locate their businesses within our cities.

Higher wages is absolutely necessary if we want people to get lifted out of poverty and is only fair when the cost of living is growing every day. We need to provide not just livable wages but wages that allow our residents and families to thrive. Why not bring our hourly minimum wage up $17 an hour? I believe we can and we should.​


According to Experian, the national student loan debt is now at $1.4 Trillion dollars. We need to pay off that debt for our students and make sure that students don't get into that kind of debt at all. That's why I am a big proponent of developing a plan to provide high quality education that is accessible and affordable to all. There are wonderful examples of high quality education and affordable and flexible models that students an choose from.  Also, why not take money away from unnecessary military spending to make this plan a reality? My work as Congressman will be to do just that. 


The Affordable Care Act needs to be shored up and provided immediately and is a good first step to getting us to healthcare for all. Once we have implemented this act to the fullest and are allowing greater numbers of people access to healthcare. Many of our international countries have fantastic medical for all models we can emulate. One such model exists in Canada. We have so many potential directions to go with this, but I would work with Congress on making this a priority and phase up to providing healthcare for all by 2025.


I believe climate change is real, and yes it’s a threat to humankind. Credible and noteworthy Scientists have shown that melting ice sheets will eventually lead to flooding of our coastal cities and further into the future could do even more severe damage to humankind. I don’t think everyone else has to believe it’s real to understand that we also have an opportunity here to shift and shape the future of the human race. Global warming and climate change should be the catalyst to inspire innovations in energy and fuel delivery and design. I am a firm supporter of looking at this as an opportunity for us to expand to our greatest potential. Why not do it through addressing climate change? As Congressman of Illinois District 8 I would focus on supporting more renewable energy and green energy initiatives, support the introduction of bills that tax the oil and gas companies. They carry an unfair advantage of having been around and supported longer than  newer forms of energy products and services such as solar energy, biofuels, and wind energy to name a few. 


Paid for by the Friends of Dr. Inam for US Congress Committee | Arif Khairuddin, CPA, CISA, FCA: Treasurer