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Longtime friends with similarly rural childhoods, Nicole Chiala and Kristina de Corpo started Amenity in 2004 to bring some of the peaceful tranquility of their youth into their urban, adult homes.

Two graphic designers passionate about nature and modern design, followed a vision of sleeping among treetops to create duvet covers quite unlike anything available at the time. Amenity's debut collection, large-scale, nuanced silhouettes hand-drawn by Kristina and printed individually; combined nature's flawless elegance with a modern aesthetic. Utilizing textural linens and a rich palette of warm earth tones and luminous metallics, Kristina and Nicole soon expanded their timeless sophistication into pillows and prints that could work outside of the bedroom.

As Amenity's roots were taking hold, so too were those of the green movement. Conscientious manufacturers from the start - producing their goods locally and only with eco-friendly dyes and minimally-processed, natural fibers - Nicole and Kristina launched their first certified organic bedding collection in 2006. Marrying modern ethics with clean, modern design, the collection was an overwhelming success. As the organic market continued to grow, so did the Amenity family. Kristina and Nicole both experienced motherhood for the first time and a delightful Nursery collection made with only the purest, organic fabrics and dyes was the next introduction.

This season, with the transition of their accessories collection onto organic fibers, Amenity has realized its longtime goal of offering organic design exclusively on organic or sustainable materials. In addition to new artwork, 2008 introduces a broadening of the Amenity brand with beautifully handwoven alpaca throw blankets from Peru and the long awaited "Muir" bed, designed by Nicole and made locally from reclaimed vintage Douglas Fir.

Well aware that there are many answers to sustainability, Nicole and Kristina are dedicated to the never-ending process of maintaining Amenity's harmony with the environment. They will continue to search out new ways to bring nature's calming warmth and beauty to the modern lifestyle.
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