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Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping on all orders over $100 shipped within the United States and Canada. All orders are shipped UPS ground. If you would like faster shipping, please select appropriate timeline during checkout and shipping charges will be applied.

The oeuf and muir furniture collections are not eligible for free shipping, rate surcharges are stated with each product.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes. All international shipments are shipped by US postal service. For estimated shipping charges, please add products to cart and checkout to see itemized shipping charge.

What is the difference between standard and white glove delivery?

Standard Delivery comes right to your front door or, if you live in a multi-unit building, just inside the entrance. This shipping option averages 7 - 10 business days from when your item is ready and does not include any unpacking or assembly.

White Glove Delivery will assemble your new item in the room of your choice and take all the packing materials away with them. Delivery is by appointment and usually occurs 2 - 3 weeks from the day your item is ready.

The costs for each option are, when applicable, outlined on the product's page.

May I have swatches?

Yes. Call or email our studio and specify which swatch[es] you'd like and from which collection[s]. And your address too, of course!
213 624-7309

Can I get a catalog?

Yes. Please call or email our studio and we’ll be glad send one in the mail to you.

Why are your duvet covers slightly more expensive than others?

Printing our duvet covers is a laborious process involving huge, 7’x9’ screens, five or so burly screen printing experts and the undivided attention of someone from the studio on quality control. Each piece is the result of a very human, artisanal process. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do making them.

Additionally, our duvet covers are all made of 400 thread count long-staple cotton.
They get softer with every washing and provide superior comfort.

Can you do custom duvets?

While we love doing custom work for large projects, we deal with large printing minimums and are unable to do individual custom orders.

Is your King duvet cover for California or Eastern Kings?

Our King duvet cover is 106” wide and will easily accommodate both Eastern and California Kings

Why is there no zipper at the bottom of my duvet cover?

Because there are ties hidden inside the top two corners for securing your comforter instead. Our duvet covers are designed to neatly drape over or tuck under a mattress so we avoided the unnecessary bulk of zippers or buttons. The ties work perfectly work perfectly–your comforter won’t slip out of place or pool at the bottom of the cover and there’s no hardware to mess with! With the extra length of our duvet covers, your comforter is neatly concealed.

Are bedskirts available?

A simple, box-pleated bed-skirt made to your custom measurements can be ordered by calling or emailing our studio. It will be unprinted and made from the same organic percale as the duvet covers you love so much.

Do you offer running yardage?

Yes. You can order plain organic percale yardage or hemp yardage printed with any of our designs. Prices vary so please call or email our studio for more information or to order.

Do you sell sheets?

No. Due to our artisanal manufacturng methods, we currently do not make sheets.
Our duvets are design objects meant to beautify your home in the same way a handmade quilt would. We recommend using white solids or a complementary color for sheeting.

What sort of inks do you use?

Our inks and dyes are all water-based, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Why shouldn’t I use a commercial detergent?

Powerful detergents available at conventional grocery stores are full of abrasive chemicals that are hard on delicate inks and dyes–not to mention the environment and yourself. If you regularly use commercial detergents, please rinse your machine at least once before washing your duvet cover with an eco-friendly detergent.

Should I dry clean my duvet?

The harsh chemicals used in most dry cleaning facilities will adversely affect the condition of your item. We recommend machine or handwashing all of our items.

Do I have to stretch the flat print myself?

You don't have to, but you just might enjoy it! We’ve stretched all the large-scale prints in our studio and it never takes more than thirty minutes. The prints come with detailed instructions and we’re happy to extend our help and encourage over the phone. If that doesn’t entice you, many framers and some art supply stores will do it for you or you can order one of our smaller, already stretched prints instead.

Where do your designs come from?

All of our designs are based on real cuttings or photographs taken by Kristina or Nicole and interpreted uniquely for each duvet, pillow, print or bag.

Is my purchase secure?

Rest assured. Our site is GEO Trust secured and every transaction is encrypted during transmission. Your off-line information is also protected and accessible only to authorized personnel. We value your purchase and protecting your personal information is extremely important to us.

Do you have sample sales?

We have spring and winter sample sales at our studio. If you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to be notified, please enter your email address on our homepage.

All sale orders are final.

Do you have a gift registry?

To register for the Amenity items you want for your special occasion go to, or Please contact them directly for more details.

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