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Striped Alpaca Throw Pillow - Ash $127




Availability: Shipping in October 2010

Eco-fill: $127
Organic cotton fill: $160

AMENITY NOTES: “I am a lover of stripes. For me, it’s a bit like cooking with simple ingredients. It doesn’t take much if the elements are all beautiful. These pillows are truly sublime in their color and craftsmanship. ” - Kristina

Stripes universally communicate simplicity. Add a palette inspired by nature’s beauty and you have a timeless modern throw pillow.Their softness and deep, rich color is derived from 100% alpaca wool dyed with eco-friendly dyes. Made in collaboration with Peruvian conservationists who believe in creating ecological and sustainable products that bring a fair wage and viable livelihood to their native artisans.

• Double sided

Materials: 100% alpaca wool dyed with eco-friendly dyes developed in Switzerland.

Manufacturing: Hand-woven in Peru.

Dimensions: 12x20"

Insert options: Our Eco-fill is a high-quality polyester fiber generated from spun recycled bottles. Our luxurious all natural option is 100% organic cotton fiber encased in 100% organic cotton shell.

Care: Hand wash with eco-friendly detergent. Low-impact dyes are wash-fast. Do not dry clean.