Over the last few months Tanzania Maasai Women’s art has been working towards launching a brand new idea. Together with Oykos , Maasai Women’s art have encouraged and supported the local community of Mkuru, Arusha through many different mediums.

In the last year Oykos has approved the building of a Tannery and leather workshop in Mkuru which has enabled local hyde sellers to create business opportunities and therefore economic growth for the Maasai living in the area.

The tannery has also lifted job opportunities for young men and women who are welcomed into the workshop and taught specific leather work and leather beading skills from Arusha’s Top Leather Fundi.
With the help of our Trainer Gabriel Mollel and Cheka Bearcoft¬†our designer and Leather work manager we have been able to reach out and find new mediums to introduce to Maasai Women’s Art.

We hope to see you all at the Christmas fair on the 19th and 20th November.
If you have any questions about buying hyde / leather please feel free to contact us.


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