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Nicole and Kristina, the women behind Amenity, find inspiration every day through a love of family and a belief that home is the heart and soul of it all. They also believe beautiful things made in a beautiful way contribute to the well-being of everyone — and the health of our planet. As mothers, doing the right thing is everything to them and everything they want to teach their children.

about kristina
Kristina de Corpo, Co-Founder/Creative Director

Kristina began her design career working as a graphic designer first in San Francisco than in New York City. Yearning for a change in lifestyle, as well as a more meaningful creative outlet, Kristina settled in Los Angeles, where her passion for product design and desire to create something that reflected her love of nature led to the founding of Amenity Home. Much of her inspiration for Amenity's creative direction comes from childhood memories of endless hours spent in various landscapes surrounding the homes she grew up in — from the mountains of Idaho to the prairies of Minnesota. All of them left a lasting impression on her.

The love of being immersed in nature is something she enjoys instilling in her 4-year-old son, Roman, in their multi-tiered garden, at the ocean or hiking through California’s rugged mountains with George (an English Pointer). With another baby on the way, her desire to create meaningful and thoughtful ways of bringing the beauty of nature indoors continues to grow. She plans on taking her kids around the world with her adventuresome boyfriend, Sam, to find more inspiration for Amenity and to show them how beautiful the world is.

about nicole
Nicole Chiala, Co-Founder/CEO

Although her entire childhood was spent on her family ranch 70 miles south of San Francisco, Nicole was ultimately drawn to the big city where she pursued an education in graphic design. Working between San Francisco and London, Nicole became deeply imbedded in the magazine world. Eventually, her desire to make things that mattered to her became her focus and she moved to Los Angeles to co-found Amenity Home. Nicole designs the Amenity’s Muir furniture line, as well as enjoys the challenge of running Amenity. Nothing inspires her more than being a parent to two young daughters, Amelie and Noa, who are a constant reminder to focus on her contribution to the world. One of Nicole’s most inspiring memories occurred while walking through a dense grove of huge horse-chestnut trees one fall morning in North London. As millions of small, brightly colored leaves fluttered down, she couldn’t help but lay down on the damp grass and thoroughly enjoy the spectacle.