Yesterday, the new trailer for the upcoming TV Series Penny Dreadful was published. The show was created by the co-writer of Skyfall, John Logan and director Sam Mendes. It features Eva Green and Josh Hartnett and is set in Victorian London. Apparently, it’s a mix of Frankenstein, Dracula and Dorian Grey, weaving together all the origin story into one, crazy mix.

Visually, it looks absolutely stunning, and it seems like it’s going to make full use of Showtimes’ less strict rules on gore and nudity. However, the trailer just feels like a string of random images and I get no feel for the story at all, yet. I’m excited to see what it’s going to be like. I’m usually a bit too much of a wuss for horror but I’ll make an exception for Penny Dreadful, as it looks promising, even if it’s just for the cast and the visuals. Hopefully the story is up to par, as well. We’ll see, though, if it’s going to be awesome, or dreadful.

Does Penny Dreadful look interesting to you? What do you hope it to be like?

Penny Dreadful (2014: season 1)Penny Dreadful


Cast: , a.o.

Genre: Horror, Drama

Release Date: May 11


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