The Maasai Women

The Maasai Women


Two main groups are presently working within the organisation. Nasaruno Cooperative in Mkuru with 120 women and Enaboisho group in Meserani with 20 women. Both groups have been part of the project from the very beginning. Esupat Pendo and Elyamani Oyaya of the Nasaruno Cooperative are on the board of directors.

Francesca Torri Soldini


Francesca is the Art Director of TMWA and has been volunteering her professional skills since the very beginning
of the project. Together with her students from all over the world at IED Milan, Francesca creates a new line of fashionable jewellery combining traditional Maasai beading techniques and local materials with innovative and sophisticated designs. Every year Francesca brings the new jewellery collection to Tanzania and spends few weeks with the Maasai women training them on the new designs.

Marina Oliver Blaettler


Marina ‘Tati’ is Swiss and has been living in several part of Africa for the last 20 years. She has been consulting
for the project from the very beginning and managing the company since 2009.

Rose Emanueli


Rose Emanueli is half Maasai , her mother is Maasai and her father Chagga. She has  been working in the service and  restoration business for a few years before joining MWA. Rose is responsible for direct sales at the shop and assists the  MD when required.

Mama  Eva


Mama Eva is Maasai from Tanzania. she joined the organization at the very beginning in 2006 after teaching herself the beading skills. She is now undoubtedly the best artisan in the company. Mama Eva has recently been undergoing english tutorials and now has the skills to communicate and inform customers about our beading process, What we do at Maasai Women Art and most importantly give some insight on Maasai women and their culture.