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Marie Reyes/ Bravo NBC
Marie Reyes/ Bravo NBC

Andy Cohen shocked Bravo viewers back in 2015 when he announced not one, but TWO new Housewives shows that’s would be premiering in 2016. Potomac, which premiered in January; was an instant ratings hit. Up next… DALLAS! I recent had the pleasure of catching up with Offcial ‘friend of the housewives’ Marie Reyes and get her to spill about the upcoming show, which premieres Monday, April 11.

Why Dallas? Why do you think it is the perfect new location for Housewives?
We have southern charm with flare – I always say Dallas is more LA than LA!
It’s also such a friendly place. Recently a gay couple relocated from England and came in for Botox. They commented how in this last year in Dallas they have made more close friends than in the previous 10 years spent in their area of London.
There is no shortage of great food! I’m pretty sure we have more restaurants than people – don’t quote me on that…but we do.
We are also home to professional teams of every sport – not many cities can say that.
It is a great business city, too! Perhaps the reason Toyota, Frito Lay, JC Penny, Dr Pepper, Southwest Airlines, Kimberly Clark, TI, American Airlines, Exxon, Galderma Pharmaceuticals, and Mary Kay are all based here.
Not to mention the cost of living is very affordable which almost makes up for the terrible summer heat, lol!

What, if any; was your connection to this group of ladies prior to the show? 

This will play out gradually over the season, but it would be silly to not say LeeAnne and I have known each other for a long time(19 years) – we met at a modeling job. Tiffany I have known through LeeAnne, and I thought it would be fun to do a project together no matter what my role. I wanted to support my friends and share the experience.
Did you feel any pressure to look your best for the cameras?
On camera, or in life? lol!
There is always pressure to look my best – but let’s be real, this is Dallas and we wear makeup to get coffee in the morning. I didn’t feel much more pressure than normal. I will admit, though, I tried to always keep in mind what I was wearing hoping it would translate over to film.

Marie Reyes and Brandi Redmond/ Instagram
Marie Reyes and Brandi Redmond/ Instagram

Seeing as you came in knowing some of your cast members, Did any of them surprise you once the cameras started rolling?
Everyone surprised me at one point or another; however, I felt like everyone stayed pretty true to who/what I thought they were as a first impression.
It bears mentioning, Brandi used physical humor unlike anyone I have ever known! She is so uncensored and it.is.amazing.

Angel and Marie Reyes/ Instagram
Angel and Marie Reyes/ Instagram

What was running through your head during the VERY FIRST scene you filmed and what was it like having the cameras there?
I remember feeling surreal and almost like a dream.
My first scenes were of my husband and my daughter – it was just normal life. It was hard to comprehend the scope of the project or what was really going to happen. It became real when Andy Cohen announced a new Dallas show about 3 weeks into filming. The cameras were everywhere but as the season went on I noticed them less and less.
Your Bravo Profile mentions some of the many charities you work with, if you were asked to join Celebrity Apprentice what charity or foundation would you play for?
Great question! Wow, I guess when it comes to the competition shows I imagined I would be best suited for Dancing with the Stars! Not sure how they would find me a partner that is tall enough, lol! I would have to say American Cancer Society.

If you could join the cast of any of the other locations in the Real Housewives Franchise, which would it be? Why?
Beverly Hills, for sure! We love California and spend a considerable amount of time in the LA area. The ladies on that show really know how to bring it while staying classy. I love that about them.

If you could, What destination would you pick for the cast trip next season?
Uruguay. Specifically, Jose Ignacio near Punta del Este. It is so magical, beautiful, and unspoiled by commercialism. It’s both rich in natural beauty and luxury.

Stephanie Hollman, Marie Reyes, Cary Deuber/ Instagram

Let’s play a little game of Word Association, give us a few words to describe these ladies:
Brandi Redmond: Fun, Playful
Stephanie Hollman: Authentic, supportive
Cary Deuber: Type A, witty
Tiffany Hendra: Creative, driven
LeeAnne Locken: Intense, uncensored

Who would you say you came in to the show closest too?
Certainly LeeAnne. We have lived less than a mile from each other for roughly 14 years and been friends for 19. Tiffany, too. I have known her through LeeAnne for about 15 years but only saw her sporadically when she flew in for visits from LA.

Who would you say you left the show closet with?
The miracle of the process I guess is that I became very close to Cary, Stephanie and Brandi.

What have you been up to since filming wrapped up and the show was announced?
There really wasn’t time for rest. I had been working on a new skincare line called RAGS2Riches even months before we began filming. Because I am obsessed with skincare and the science behind topical ingredients and penetration, I have been very hands on with the formulations.
Let’s just say I went a little cray on this project but I am SO incredibly excited about the release. Basically, I can’t accommodate the whole world at SkinSpaMED, but I can help aging skin on a cellular level with the RAGS2Riches product line. I’m a fan of keeping it simple. RAGS stands for retinol, antioxidants, growth factors, and sun protection. If you just use these four products each day you are covering 95% of what you really need for radiantly youthful and beautiful skin. We plan to add a few more products in the near future, you know, when I have the time.

If asked, would you do another season of the show?
Absolutely, yes. I wouldn’t want the story to go on without me being a part of it. In future seasons, I see myself taking a bigger role and opening up more and more with my personal and professional life. Life is a journey, and I’m here for the long run. I have longevity genes on both sides – my grandmother is 102 (103 in May), and I just don’t want to look back when I’m 102 and ever wonder “what if”. I strive tonever lose the courage to always take the road less travelled.


There You Have It! I loved chatting with Marie about premiere season of the upcoming Bravo show(which, again; begins airing April 11th) and think it will be a huge success! Be sure to Follow Marie on Twitter(@TheMarieReyes) and Instagram(@TheMarieReyes) as we think this southern beauty will be a fan favorite and has a great chance of being given a full time role for season 2.

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