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Exclusive: #RHOD Cary Deuber Interview

Cary Deuber/ Bravo NBC
Cary Deuber/ Bravo NBC

Described by Bravo as a yogi(practitioner of Yoga) with a Type A personality, Cary Deuber is sure to be the balancing act of The Real Housewives of Dallas. The Wife and working mommy is one of the five main housewives of the show. After my lovely convo with Official ‘Friend of the Housewives‘ Marie Reyes, I decided to chat with Cary and get some more info on the latest Housewives Installment(Which premieres Aprill 11 at 10)!

How did you end up on this show(The Real Housewives of Dallas)?
A casting company contacted me through a friend, and the rest is history!

Was there any hesitation in doing the show?
I was nervous about putting everything out there. My husband Mark was much more relaxed about it. I was shocked at how open he was to this adventure.

Stephanie Hollman and Cary Deuber/ Instagram
Stephanie Hollman and Cary Deuber/ Instagram

What, if any; was your connection to this group of ladies prior to the
I knew Stephanie through a charity event that I chaired. She was such a sweetie and reached out to me after the event. She told me what a great job I did and how much she enjoyed the event. No one does that!! It was SO thoughtful. I also knew LeeAnne through the charity world, although we did not run in the same crowd. I met Brandi through Stephanie and loved her immediately. Anyone who can make me laugh like that girl can, is a friend for life!

What was the VERY first scene you filmed and what was running through your
head as the cameras were rolling?                                   
UGH… It was a scene at my house with Mark and our daughter Zuri. I remember after it was over and everyone left, I went to my bedroom and had completely lost it. I was so scared I made a bad decision for my family.

Cary with husband Dr. Mark Deuber/ Instagram
Cary with husband Dr. Mark Deuber/ Instagram

Did you feel any pressure to look your best for the cameras?                                          I usually roll out of bed and hit the ground running. I wear scrubs to work and a hat during surgery. There is really no point doing my hair and makeup on work days! I definitely had to step up my game and at least shower! Mark is the shopper and always finds some reason to buy something. This was an excuse for him for sure.

Your Bravo Profile mentions some of the many charities you work with, if you were asked to join Celebrity Apprentice what charity or foundation would you play for?
I would play for the Doris Daniely Outreach. It is a small local charity that my husband and I work with that provides breast reconstruction surgery to women that can’t afford it. That would give them the opportunity to cover the costs for more surgeries and Mark and I could do some of them as well.

If you could join the cast of any of the other shows in the Real Housewives
Franchise, which would it be and Why?                              
RHOBH I love the weather and the real estate!

If you could be another Housewife for a day, who would itbe? Why?                    LVP! Primarily because I want to play with all of her pets!

If you could, What destination would you pick for the cast trip next season?
Travel is my thing!! LOVE it! I’m in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I would love to check out the Philippines. There is a sick Aman resort there, I love Aman anything! I could also go for skiing in St Moritz, Switzerland. Mark and I go there every year in the summer. I would love to go in the winter and ski!

You currently work with your plastic surgeon husband, Dr. Mark Deuber; serving as his operative assistant, while still maintaining your own
aesthetic injectable practice: what’s it like to work with your spouse and what
effect does that have on your relationship? Also, how were you able to balance
doing all of that on top of being a mother and doing the show?
It was challenging. I already juggle a lot and I am completely type A. I don’t do anything half ass. It is all or nothing with me. I’m lucky that I’m married to my boss so he tends to be more forgiving with my schedule!


Let’s play a little game of Word Association, give us a few words to describe these ladies…
Brandi Redmond: Funny as hell
Stephanie Hollman: Loyal & kind
Tiffany Hendra: Exotic beauty
Nene Leakes: Made it happen
Ramona Singer: Wine
Vicki Gunvalson: Staying power
Marie Reyes: Good friend
LeeAnne Locken: In your face

Is there anything in particular that you’re MOST looking forward to having the
Viewers see on the show?            
I think I am excited for the viewers to see that I am a working mom. I juggle my daughter, my step kids, husband, career, and taking care of myself with my yoga. The struggle is real, and I think a lot of women will be able to relate to many aspects of my life if not all of them.


Is there anything in particular that you’re LEAST looking forward to having the viewers see on the show?                    That’s a hard question because I haven’t seen any of the show so I have no idea what is included. I would have to say the arguments between cast mates. It got a little ugly at times.

If asked to do another season of the show, would you do it?             I think so… I think a second season would be more fun and I would know what to expect.

Cary Deuber/ Instagram
Cary Deuber/ Instagram

That’s a wrap! I loved chatting with Cary about the show, her life, career. I truly think Cary is a sweetheart and, with her East Coast background; I’m sure she’ll be a standout next to the southern ladies on RHOD. Be sure to follow the Connecticut beauty on Twitter and Instagram(@CaryDeuber on both) for live tweets, updates and behind the scenes fun and, of course; tune into the Premiere of The Real Housewives of Dallas on April 11!

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