A Great Sphinx Discovered In Pakistan

In a place known as Balochistan, Pakistan,at exactly 6000 km. far of Sphinx of Egypt, another sphinx can also be found, clearly of a similar antiquity…

Supporting the suspicion claimed many times on our page, that a civilisation which far predated the ancient Egyptians, actually built these amazing pyramid, for a sophisticated, although as yet, unknown purpose.

Known as the “Sphinx of Balochistan,” many funded academics have strongly denied the possibility of this familiar looking formation, being of manmade origin, and many attempt to claim that its familiar shape, along with the surrounding environments artificial appearance, is merely coincidental, and that the entire area is just a natural formation, these conclusions, made with no official archaeological investigations ever being undertaken at the site.

Thankfully however, an equal number of individuals who have actually visited this site, most self-funded, have actually concluded the complete opposite, Graham Hancock being but one individual who has concluded that the site is indeed a very ancient sphinx. Quite possibly dating back to the last precession of Leo, some 12500 years ago…


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