Dear readers,

We have a very exciting announcement to make! We’ve been mulling over the possibilities for The Movie Scrutineer for a long time, and have been considering the goals we have for this website. To achieve those goals we have come to the decision that it’s in our best interest to continue under a different moniker!


From Monday June 2 onward, The Movie Scrutineer will continue as FilmInquiry. Along with the change of name comes a new domain name, and so, we will be moving to There, you’ll be able to find all the articles previously published on The Movie Scrutineer. Additionally, you can expect an improved publication schedule and we’ve created a spiffy new look for the website.

As for The Movie Scrutineer and, from June 2 onward, the website will forward to and new articles will only be published on FilmInquiry, so if you’ve added The Movie Scrutineer to your Feed Reader, make sure to update the URL. If you’ve signed up for our newsletter in the past, you don’t need to do anything!

Finally, regarding our social media accounts: they will also have a name change, so if you want to find us there, make sure you look for FilmInquiry! Manon de Reeper, the Editor in Chief, formerly used the @moviescrutineer Twitter account as her own, which will no longer be the case. You can now follow her personally at @manondereeper. However, she will continue to manage the magazine’s Twitter account.

We’re very excited about this upcoming change and we hope you are as well, and that you will join us at FilmInquiry!

We hope to see you there!

The Team of FilmInquiry, formerly The Movie Scrutineer



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Founder & Editor in Chief

Manon is the founder of The Movie Scrutineer and is a geeky 24-year-old Dutchie living in Perth, Australia. She's a Global Criminology MA specialized in film analysis, focusing on culture and crime representations in film. She loves criminology, writing and film and has been very lucky to be able to combine the three!