This week I mentioned the Luna Leederville Cinema, where I went to see Only Lovers Left Alive. It’s a classic, art deco cinema here in Perth, and this week, they’re doing something rather awesome.

Luna Leederville Cinema, Perth - turned into The Grand Budapest Hotel

Luna Leederville Cinema, Perth – turned into The Grand Budapest Hotel


They “turned” it into The Grand Budapest Hotel for the movie premiere. I think it’s hilarious. It’s a really lovely cinema though – if you ever get to visit Perth, definitely go there. They show a lot of art house films, and I’ll be going there again in two weeks for the screening of Fading Gigolo.

What I Watched This Week

As I mentioned, I saw Only Lovers Left Alive. I also attended the screening of the French film Chinese Puzzle, which was fun, but … somehow I don’t have ANY inspiration whatsoever to write about it. It’s a light comedic romance movie that’s occasionally actually funny too, but the ending was ridiculously cliché, which was a major disappointment. Oh well.

Otherwise, it’s been a rather busy week for me and I haven’t gotten to watching many movies, unfortunately. I did watch the first episode of Game of Throne’s first season (which was EPIC!) and The Following, Hannibal… The usual suspects. Can’t wait for The Following to end, too bad they’ve got 15 episodes planned, and I hate to give up mid-season.

Next week I’m home alone – partner’s off on a business trip – so I’m planning to watch LOADS of movies. Among them Alien (was inspired by all the Ellen Ripley talk going on with the 10 Most Iconic Characters in Film History posts), Escape Plan, Fruitvale Station, maybe 2001 A Space Oddysey, the second Hobbit movie… Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention I’ll be attending the red carpet premiere of The Amazing Spider Man 2 on Monday, a screening of The Other Woman on Tuesday and the screening of the upcoming Australian movie Healing, starring Hugo Weaving, which looks very interesting:

Yeah, it’s going to be a good week, film-wise!

I’ll have to wait a week before I can watch the next episode of Game of Thrones though, which sucks. However… we’ll probably watch two in a row which will make up for it a little!

What did you watch this week?

Anything you can recommend or enjoyed in particular?

Other read-worthy articles

Here are a few articles I enjoyed to read this week!

Candice at Reeltalk talks about The Subjectivity Of “Important” Films

At The Matinee, Ryan asks if you Ever Watch Something Out-of-Order?

Courtney at CinemaAxis considers movies that have been important in his marriage – do you have any films that have been important for you and your partner? I’m curious, too.

While browsing, I found this older article about Source Code at Film Quarterly, which is interesting; a bit of a philosophical discussion on how  the movie presents biopower and total control over a soldier’s body and mind.

So, what’s up in your corner of the world? 


  • ruth

    Hi Manon! Cool that you’re in Perth. A couple of my cousins went to college in Perth, wish I had visited them there. Never been to Australia tho my auntie lives in the suburbs of Sydney.

    In any case, lucky that u have seen Only Lovers Left Alive. Not playing anywhere near me yet. And how cool is that theater turning itself into Grand Budapest Hotel. What fun!!

    • Manon de Reeper

      Oh that’s super cool! I honestly hadn’t been to Australia before either before we moved here (well, a 6 day trip to see if we liked Perth enough to live there was all xD), though I have family on the East Coast as well! If you ever do make it over to Oz, don’t skip Perth – come visit! I’ll take you to the tiny cinema :p

      I can *really* recommend Only Lovers Left Alive. It’s so different from all current movies! Truly a breath of fresh air, especially in the vampire sub-genre.I don’t know exactly when it’s being released here in Oz, but I do think it’s a little earlier than in the US.

      It’s funny though,the film scene here is bigger than it is in The Netherlands (where I come from), which you can tell by that little cinema turning itself into the GBH. It’s just super fun!

      See you around Ruth!

  • Sati

    Oh man waiting a week for Thrones? I’d die! But I guess as you read the 3rd book at least you won’t be risking getting spoiled and 2 eps at once sounds like a dream! :)

    • Manon de Reeper

      Lol yes it’s rather painful O_o but what can I do – I want to watch it with him! ALTHOUGH… Maybe I could watch it in secret and then watch it again with him… O_o What an excellent idea. sssshhh though, he can’t know because he’d hate me for it :P