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Posted on by Nicole

Spring spruce up

Need a new splash of color in you world? Try some new pillows and paint.

The paint swatches are selected from Yolo, one of the healthiest paints around. Their colors are so harmonious with our collection.

If you’re interested in learning more about healthy paint alternatives, check out treehugger’s post.

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Posted on by Kristina

Feel good paint

It just seems the way to go, healthy paint. I mean healthy paint, healthy people, right?
We just got turned on to YOLO and we wanted to share. They have a beautiful range of palettes and what’s even better is that they send you these gorgeous 7 x 7 inch square swatches of your color choice so you can get it right the first time. Their paint has no VOCs and is free from other toxic chemicals. Plus, they are downright friendly people!
- Kristina



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Posted on by Amenity

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