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From the Inside Source

From Motifs to Materials, for Amenity Home, Sustainability is the Standard

Kristina De Corpo and Nicole Chiala, the thirty-something partners behind the home furnishings line Amenity Home, launched their business in 2004 with a simple concept: “We started with the idea of creating a lifestyle brand that offered beautiful and well-designed solutions for sustainable living,” says designer De Corpo.

The home furnishing design entrepreneurs began by designing duvet covers printed with nature-inspired motifs and made with eco-friendly dyes, but soon expanded to a full line of eco friendly bedding manufactured exclusively from organic cotton. Next came modern pillows featuring sustainable fibers like hemp and linen, followed by the introduction of an eco friendly nursery collection—a natural outgrowth after they both had children—which now offers green interior design products from pillows with forest animals designs to small, wooden environmentally friendly accessories like bowls and rattles crafted from woods certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). “Everything we’ve done from 2006 on has been conscious, responsible manufacturing,” explains De Corpo. “We’ve thought more about how we’re doing it versus the profit” [behind it].

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Thanks Milena for writing such a great post about Amenity! We loved it.
— Kristina + Nicole



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Amenity coat rack in Dwell

Thanks Dwell!



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Modern Family

I will admit it – I love Modern Family and they love Amenity too! Check out the three Amenity prints in the Dunphy’s Kitchen. - Nicole

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Shopping for a Cause

Thank you Jennifer for such a wonderful post!! Love the Luster aesthetic and the way you inspire…


Amenity’s Organic bedding line has long been on my list of bedding to admire, so I was pleased to hear from Helen at Amenity announcing that they are donating 10% of all sales until June 1st to Red Cross for Japanese Tsunami Aid. They have added so many new products to the site that were fun to browse, and their deep commitment to sourcing sustainable/organic products makes you feel doubly proud about your purchase. For more about Amenity and its founders, click here.


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In Lonny

We love Lonny and Lonny loves us…

btw…for those of you missing DOMINO, the creators of Lonny were staff members at the infamous DOMINO magazine.

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