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Amenity coat rack in Dwell

Thanks Dwell!



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Modern Family

I will admit it – I love Modern Family and they love Amenity too! Check out the three Amenity prints in the Dunphy’s Kitchen. - Nicole

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Gardening without boundaries

Our Bee Love Seed Bombs have been a big hit and we are not the only gardeners on the go who are having fun adding a little beauty!

Guerrilla gardening is growing!  For a more thorough look at both the histories and
how-tos of guerrilla gardening, check out Richard Reynold’s book On Guerrilla Gardening: A Handbook for Gardening Without Boundaries.

Made with a special seed mix formulated to attract bees, our Bee Love Seed Bombs help spread beauty and a little extra love for the bees!  To learn a little more about what’s happening with bees, check out treehugger’s latest post.

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LA magazine says…

Thanks LA Magazine! Such a nice write-up and we are loving all the people coming to the showroom that found us in the article.

Nature’s Own
The sunny loftlike space that’s home to AMENITY (453 S. Spring St, Suite 508, downtown, 213 624-7309 or is filled with products that would make any environmentalist happy. Nicole Chiala and Kristina de Corpo, both designers and young mothers, started the business in 2004 and specialize in organic fabrics colored with eco-friendly dyes. The pair imports the works of South American artisans, such as Chilean place mats and woven table runners made from the undyed wool grey and brown sheep. Hemp-cotton place mats and table runners as well as cotton duvet covers and sheets with fern motifs are sewn locally. The nursery collection features pillows and cotton baby blankets bearing rabbits, ducks, squirrels and deer that look as if they stepped out of a storybook.

Amenity in LA Magazine

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Posted on by Nicole

The New Adventures of Old Christine

Mom – Thanks for spotting our Willow Pillow on Christine’s couch!  ox Nicole

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