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A transformative eco tip

Sometimes just changing your perspective can make things simpler and easier. After the birth of my second child, Lola, in October, I work smarter and more efficient hours to spend more time at home. Sometimes I don’t get it together to make coffee at home before I go to the studio and I pop into my favorite cafe, Spring for Coffee, and get a take-out. I finally resolved my feelings of being wasteful by keeping the to-go lid in my bag in a plastic zip bag. I realized that sometimes it’s not about the material that you use, it’s how much of it you use. Sometimes it’s unavoidable to use plastic. Try not to be so absolute in your eco-thinking and practical solutions will come to you that you will enjoy doing. Once you get into more habits, new ideas to conserve will start proliferating into your thinking. I love being home with Lola. It’s worth everything to me and I can let go of my small indulgence of a convenience by changing my approach of how I consume it. I want to enjoy every minute I can with her. — Kristina


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