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Eat Real Food Festival

We took our families to the Eat Real Food Festival in LA and it was SO much fun. It’s all about local spotlighting local food vendors in a festival format to celebrate great food and learn where food comes from, who grows and makes it, and how they make it. All the food is made from sustainably-produced ingredients. The goal of the festival is to increase awareness and respect of the craft of making food. It was a yummy day for all of us. The favorite among among all our kids was their mid-day treat, a watermelon basil icy. And Nicole’s family found a local mustard that now is a crucial component in their infamous salad dressing called Hong Kong Habanero. It’s spicy, sweet and tangy and you can feel the love in how its made by its uniqueness and its flavor. Our family was take in by the Dripbar sponsored by Blue Bottle. After 9 months of sleepless nights, sampling local, artisanal coffee was pure bliss! - Kristina



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